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Back To School Sign with Changeable Grades

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Reusable Circle or Pre-Written Grades?

Our back to school sign was designed to look like more of a piece of decor an interior designer would use, rather than something you tuck away all year. Aesthetics, as well functionality are at the center of this first day of school reusable sign.

This sign is made with high quality wood and has a beautiful golden hook to hold the acrylic circles. You have the option to order:

- only one reusable white acrylic circle as a mini dry-eraser board, or;
- you can order all pre-written circles from pre-k all the way to 12th grade (14 circles)

It's fair to say that there is no match for this personalized back to school sign. The minimalistic look, careful font selection and elegant details make this sign a decor worthy first day of school sign.

Sign is 11.5" wide x 13.5" tall